Bag Considerations

When carrying a bag, it needs to meet certain criteria depending on the reason for carrying it. We are therefore likely to need more than one bag, and here are a few considerations to bear in mind when choosing yours:

  • Everyday use

You will be carrying this bag around all day so proper thought needs to go into what you select. You may have a lot of daily essentials to pack and for that, luxury satchels and larger frame bags are ideal. With regard to colour, brown and black are easy matches for day-to-day looks, however bright red, oxblood and navy also mix well.

  • Stylish but small

For evenings out your essentials are much less, and this is where you can have a bit of fun with a small accessory like an oversized wallet or a clutch. The fun comes in with the choices of style available to you, including; exotic skins, metallics and colour combinations. With something so small everything will work, so it’s a good chance to experiment with something outside your usual comfort zone.

  • ‘Wow’ Handbags

The super-popular handbags of the moment can lure you into a sense that you must own one. That may well be the case, however before you jump in to purchase, pay particular thought to whether it will still be ‘Wow’ and a must have when its moment passes and trends move on to the next big thing.

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