BUY & HOLD beautiful made pieces for the long-time.

💷Buying top end garments, with matching price tags, can actually prove a good investment!

💎The high-quality means that not only do they tend to hold their value, and in some cases increase it, they are made to last and can be worn many more times than conventional, much cheaper, items.

🤔When you consider durability versus price tag, buying top-end can quite often prove to be more cost effective in the long term.

❗️However, when buying such items be careful to use both your head and your heart.

🫀🧠Start with your heart and fall in love with a piece that simply takes your breath away. Then employ the head and consider its longevity – a piece that looks good today may fade out of fashion very quickly, so what you are looking for are ‘evergreen classics’ that will prove to be timeless.👩🏼‍🦳✨

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