Get Boot Savvy

  • The Basics

A pair of boots covers more area and therefore offers greater protection. Regardless of the size of the heel, they have a particular hard quality and, in many cases, offer comfort. A collection need only be made up of two or three pairs.

  • Collection Highlights

Put simply, an ankle boot and another that is just above or below the knee is all that is needed. Trousers, jeans and flared skirts work well with a heeled ankle boot, whereas a knee boot will look great with skinny jeans, dresses and a wide variety of skirts.

  • Practical wear

During the autumn and winter months, a practical pair of flat boots is a sensible option. However, you could consider a pair with a slight wedge or a full block heel. Comfort and practicality are important, so further thought must be applied to the length of time you’ll be wearing them whilst ensuring navigation of wintry conditions. The right boot can both look good and be functional at the same time.

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