Your Shoe Collection

  • Footwear basics

Shoes put the finishing touch to every look and therefore, it is important to consider all the different reasons and occasions your shoe collection needs to cover. I would recommend starting with a ballet flat, build up to a neutral heel and then to a higher patent pump heal. Finally, a comfortable but chic wedge healed sandal that can be worn any time of day.

  • Push the boundaries

Try not to put all shoes into categories of what is or isn’t appropriate for each occasion. Experiment with different combinations, as you might find that neutral a colour, with a neutral heel, might actually be a better option than a high heel with an evening gown.

  • Take your time

Buying shoes requires more consideration that clothes. You could have the most amazing looking pair of shoes however, if you can’t walk in them, the whole look is ruined. Prior to purchase, be sure to try them on and take a decent walk up and down on both hard and carpeted surfaces. Most important, make sure they are the right fit and comfortable.

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